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What is Solar?

Solar is a new breed, pre-built, digital workplace toolkit which drives increased employee engagement and improved workplace productivity.

Unlike expensive custom solutions, Solar’s search, communications, and team collaboration tools combine simply and seamlessly on a single user-friendly platform. Built for Office 365, Solar’s modular approach means that you can tailor your toolkit and be ready for rollout in as little as four weeks.

  • A happier, more engaged workforce
  • Increased productivity
  • Better leverage of your investment in Office 365
  • Local product, local support
Find Less search, more find.

Document and personnel search are frequently-cited frustrations of traditional intranets. Solar’s enhanced search capability will reduce user search time by up to 95%. What took minutes, can now take seconds.

Communicate We’re on the same page.

Solar’s communications features enable you to share important information, gain feedback and provide social opportunities for your workforce – wherever they may be.

Collaborate Share documents easily.

Solar’s user-friendly interface puts the right tools at employees’ fingertips, which encourages increased use and greater collaboration. With Solar, training, tips and demos are also simply a click away.

Key Features

Solar is a firmly user-centric platform, designed to place relevant information, tools and resources at an employees’ fingertips. Its features will support the delivery of KPIs for multiple teams. Features can be controlled discreetly by departments or shared across individuals or teams.

Solar Icon-113


Broadcast news in style with our News Carousel and News pages.
Solar Icon-119


Discover events and gatherings. Add these to your calendar.
Solar Icon-69


Pick from Traditional, Modern or Contemporary.
Solar Icon-76


Share ideas using enterprise social.

Solar Icon-87


Usage data reports using Google Analytics.
Solar Icon-65


Enterprise class video using Office 365 Video and Microsoft Stream.
Solar Icon-22


Page Minimalistic, easy to read and manage.
Solar Icon-47


Buy / Sell / Rent

Solar Icon-66

Team Workspaces

Modern collaboration sites using Teams or Groups.
Solar Icon-48


Access useful content and applications.
Solar Icon-65

Mobile Responsive

Responsive designs that look great on any device.
Solar Icon-51


A Mega-menu with no detailed planning required. We’ve done that already.

Solar Icon-95c

Advanced Search

Find people, content or conversations.
Solar Icon-17

Project Sites

Manage basic projects.
Solar Icon-06


Keep your team informed
Solar Icon-16

Content Owners

Know who owns the content and when it expires.

Solar Icon-24

External Access

Grant access to users outside your organisation.
Solar Icon-74

O365 Integration

Seamless integration with other Office 365 Apps.
Solar Icon-30

New Joiners

Say hello to new colleagues.
Solar Icon-01

Leave Request

Request leave. No paper.

Solar Icon-125

People Finder

Find people by role, location or skill.
Solar Icon-108

Policy Search

Find people, content or conversations.
Solar Icon-84

Employee Benefits

What discounts and other benefits can you offer?
Solar Icon-07

Online Training

Gain access to the Solar Training library.

Office 365 Integration

We’ve designed Solar to make optimal use of the tools & licenses that you are already paying for.

Locally supported

Solar is a new breed of digital workplace that supports increased engagement and improved workplace productivity.

As a local business, we can also provide the added support of someone on the ground while you develop and roll out your digital workplace.

Your Workplace
Our Passion

Created by New Zealand-based consultancy, Brighter Days, Solar is the culmination of over 20 years of intranet and workplace productivity experience.

At Brighter Days, we’re driven to enable a simpler, more effective work day for workforces across Australasia. We know that to achieve this, our products must be intuitive and of value to each and every employee; regardless of their role.